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Julie, KAzakstan

Alla Logina is a coach at heart and a true professional in her field. Her support helped me to establish a better relationship with my husband and to find a balance between being a worker and a mom. I am grateful for this journey. Alla combines inspiration; motivation; and up-to-date, intricate knowledge of women's needs.


Grace Xing, Los angeles

I am so grateful to have met Alla and have her as a life coach. Life coaching isn’t very common in China, so I didn’t know about it before. However, after our first coaching session, I felt my purpose became clearer and more practical. I was so surprised that you made it through asking me several questions. You are really professional. I admire you and your occupation. What’s more, my English is not very good but you are always patient with me. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best forever.


Elena, Moscow

Alla helped me to make a significant change in my life. During our sessions, she was a good listener and a challenging coach. I saw a result of my coaching very fast. If you want to move forward and make real change in your life she will definitely help you. 


Vlada Karadimas, Los Angeles

I have been having Alla as my life coach for a few months, now, and can't speak highly enough of the positive impact she has made in my life. Alla is very supportive and compassionate as she guides me to improve my life, but she also gives the necessary push I need to function at the next level. Changing a life is not easy and cannot be done overnight, and Alla understands that. Her coaching has been helping me gain consistent and sustainable progress and lay a strong foundation for the new life I have envisioned for myself. Overall, I would highly recommend Alla to anyone who needs help getting through difficulties in life or just needs guidance to fulfill their true potential.

In an inspiring and insightful way, Alla helped me begin the work on organizing my life. I felt constantly motivated by her and it gave me great results. I’ve learned to work on small goals and accept small changes. Alla’s techniques helped me experience the much-needed balance. Although the work on myself is not finished, I couldn’t be more grateful to Alla for helping me build a great foundation.
— Nadia, New York
With the help of Alla, I could take control of my finances.
I have a better professional situation and feel more happy and peaceful than before.
I would definitely recommend Alla
— Lisa, Los angeles